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The Most Amazing Dolphin Cruise in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores, AL

At Dolphin Cruises Aboard the Cold Mil Fleet, we provide one of the greatest experiences in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL: our Double Surf Cruise! During this unique cruise, both of our 50-foot reconditioned Navy transport boats ride alongside each other, creating the perfect wave for dolphin

The dolphins absolutely love this, and the sight is astonishing. If there is one thing you need to do while in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area, it’s a Double Surf Cruise.

What Makes the Double Surf Cruise So Great?

Our Double Surf Cruise is something we are incredibly excited to share with everyone. But why is it so great? We’re glad you asked! The Double Surf Dolphin Cruises are incredible because of the way the wakes from both boats combine to form one large wave. It’s a wave that the dolphins can’t resist swimming and jumping in. The waters of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL are calm, so the dual wake creates a continuous wave that’s larger in size than the dolphins are accustomed to swimming in.

To reserve your spots on one of our Double Surf Dolphin Cruises, click here to book online. Our Double Surf Cruises are available during the day as well as under the sunset and last about 90 minutes.

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