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At Dolphin Cruises Aboard the Cold Mil Fleet, we provide dolphin watch tours and cruises to vacationers and residents of the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL areas. Cruise the waters in our 50-foot reconditioned Navy transport boats and you are guaranteed to see dolphins up-close in their natural habitat. We have five different types of dolphin cruises that we offer:

1. Daytime Cruises – Enjoy an amazing dolphin cruise during the daytime.
2. Sunset Cruises – Watch the dolphins jump through the waters underneath a breathtaking sunset.
3. Private Cruise – Reserve one of our boats (up to 49 guests) for your own private dolphin cruise.
4. Field Trips – Bring the entire class on an education dolphin cruise where they will learn about the waters and wildlife of the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area.
5. Double Surf Cruise – Our famous Double Surf Cruise consists of both of our boats cruising alongside each other, which creates the perfect wave that the dolphins love to play in.

Call us today at 251-943-3510, or book your next dolphin cruise in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, AL with us online! Please contact us for our special “field trip” cruise prices and availability.

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